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Monday, September 14, 2009

Download the last house on the left 2009

download the last house on the left 2009
Two security guards transport in prison of criminal Krug. On a railway crossing their car is rammed by other car then Krug are released by his brother Francis and girl Sejdi, and security guards are killed.
the last house on the left film
Surgeon John Kollinvud with wife Emma and daughter Mary come to have a rest in the house at lake. Mary takes the parental car and goes to the girlfriend Pejdzh who works as the saleswoman. In shop young guy Justin wishes to buy a pack of cigarettes, but documents on suitable age cannot show and suggests to treat in exchange Pejdzh with "grass".
the last house on the left movie

Girlfriends go to motel to Justin, smoke drugs and have fun. At this time is Justin's father — Krug — together with Francis and Sejdi. The guy did not expect that they will appear already today. Its criminal relatives too have been extremely surprised that Justin has resulted strangers. And at once do a conclusion what to release them it is impossible. Besides Mary's car very much is useful quickly to leave, as about their affairs already even in newspapers write.
last house on the left movie
All sit down in Mary's car and go through wood. Without expecting from this trip anything good for itself, Marys and Pejdzh try to jump out on the move. Struggle is fastened, and the car breaks. At Francis the nose is broken, the others have got off with easy traumas. Girls start to beat, and Pejdzh has tried to escape. Francis and Sejdi have caught up with it, have connected and have dragged back.
movies the last house on the left

Krug suggests the son «to become the man» — to rape any of girls. Justin beats off, and Pejdzh names Krug mongrel. It has become angry and has twice struck the connected girl a knife in a stomach, having left it slowly and to die hard.
the last house on the left summary
After that Krug has raped Mary. She has knocked its stone on the head, has reached lake, has plunged into the water and has quickly floated. Крэг has started to shoot from a pistol and eventually has got. Mary in a blood pool has emerged on a surface.
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Krug, Francis, Sejdi and Justin have reached the house Kollinvud and have asked the help. John has set and has sewn up a nose of Francis after that it have suggested to spend the night in a guest small house. Justin has casually seen Mary's photo and has left its medallion which Krug near to the cup has broken from the girl.
movies last house on the left
Visitors have gone to sleep, and in the meantime the bleeding profusely Mary all the same has crawled to the parental house. John has examined it, and Emma has found a medallion — and all of them have understood. The daughter needs to be taken to hospital urgently, in a guest small house a gang of murderers, and the car is not present. A unique way — on a boat on lake.
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While John searched for keys, Francis which for some reason have decided that Emma to it is not indifferent, was in the house. The mistress detained some time its conversation — while he has not seen Mary. Fight was fastened, and John together with Emma have finished off Francis.
the last house on the left review
Then they have gone to a guest small house to kill the others. Justin has given to John a daddy's pistol. The surgeon has shot at woken up Sejdi, and Krug has jumped out in a window and has rushed to the basic building. Some time of Sejdi beat off from John, Emma and Justin, then the mistress has shot down it.
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John has returned to the main building, and they long fought with Krug. Крэг has won and already was going to finish the lying enemy when Justin with a pistol was. Крэг it was switched to the son, has driven him into the corner and has started to pierce the iron probe. John and Emma have attacked Krug from two parties and have beaten it to an insensible condition.
the last house on the left movie poster

John, Emma, Mary and Justin have departured on a boat. Then the surgeon has returned. It has made a cut on a body of Krug that that has come to feelings. The gangster could not set neither a hand, nor a foot as has been paralysed from a neck and more low. «Was not neither cords, nor an adhesive tape», — John has explained. After that it has thrust a head of Krug in a microwave and has included it.
download the last house on the left